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Welcome To Trans Gulf Technical Services LLC

Trans Gulf Technical Services LLC based in Dubai, offering a complete and compherensive services to our clients who require overhead cranes and hoists from initial consultation through to final commisioning and beyond.

Our product range includes Overhead cranes, Electric chain hoists, Wire rope hoist, Jib cranes. Boiler, Fired Heater, Incinerator, Heat Exchanger. We also supply and install power conductors for cranes, control panels, end carriages, travel units etc.

We also supply and install power conductors for cranes, control panels, end carriages, travel units etc. Higher capacity cranes are also available through our close cooperation with other reputed European crane manufactures.

Our Product Ranges
Automation Products
Phoenix Cam Switches
Regolus Switch-Disconnectors
Pegasus Control Auxiliaries
Limit Switches
Micro Switches
Foot Switches
Lift Products
Pit bottom and recall drive control units
Car top inspection stations
TLP Pendant Stations
Special Requests
Complementary products
Handling System
Lifting equipment
Limit switches
Slip rings
Energy trasmission
Conductors of energy trasmission
We carry out site installation, testing and commissioning using our own experienced engineers and technicians. Also supply of necessary spare during the repair & servicing of electrical or mechanical components at site will be taken care by us completely. We have Engineers for Automation and control solution for industrial automation limit of conventional thinking for our customers requires more than system integration.

We apply industry Leading technical resources, Vast knowledge to build the highest productivity at the lowest cost per part into your system. We are also successfully exporting spares, products and services to other GCC countries including Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar and Kuwait either as complete cranes or in the form of crane kits.

We would be very much interested in receiving your enquires and suggest you visit our website for further details of our products, experience and services.

Trans Gulf Technical Services LLC, PO. Box. 92031, Dubai.UAE. Tel: +971-4-2550306, Fax: +971-4-2550307, Email. info@transgulfuae.com

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